Apr 27, 2021 – Salk scientists reveal how brain cells in Alzheimer’s go awry, lose their identity [click to view]

Apr 01, 2021 – How brain cells repair their DNA reveals “hot spots” of aging and disease [click to view]

Jan 29, 2021 – Salk’s NOMIS Center receives $9.5 million to shape the future of research into health and immunity [click to view]

Jan 27, 2021 – Salk scientists awarded $1.2 million by Larry L. Hillblom Foundation to study brain aging and dementia [click to view]

Jan 05, 2021 – New clues why gold standard treatment for bipolar disorder doesn’t work for majority of patients [click to view]

Nov 18, 2020 – Five Salk professors named among most highly cited researchers in the world [click to view]

Sep 16, 2020 – Top San Diego research institutions, led by Salk, to receive an expected $5 million to study cellular aging in humans [click to view]

Feb 19, 2020 – Altered potassium levels in neurons may cause mood swings in bipolar disorder [click to view]

Jan 30, 2020 – Salk scientists link rapid brain growth in autism to DNA damage [click to view]

Nov 21, 2019 – Eight Salk professors named among most highly cited researchers in the world [click to view]

Oct 30, 2019 – Salk Institute hits play on new podcast series [click to view]

Aug 28, 2019 – The Kavli Foundation gifts Salk $3 million for cutting-edge neuroscience research [click to view]

Mar 22, 2019 – When neurons are out of shape, antidepressants may not work [click to view]

Feb 12, 2019 – Uncovering the evolution of the brain [click to view]

Jan 31, 2019 – When neurons get the blues: hyperactive brain cells may be to blame when antidepressants don’t work [click to view]

Jan 07, 2019 – Salk team reveals clues into early development of autism spectrum disorder [click to view]

Jan 04, 2019 – Salk President Rusty Gage named to new five-year term to lead Institute [click to view]

Dec 07, 2018 – Trio of Salk scientists named among most highly cited researchers in the world [click to view]

Nov 09, 2018 – Salk awarded $19.2 million by the American Heart Association-Allen Initiative to study Alzheimer’s and aging in the brain [click to view]

May 29, 2018 – Impaired energy production may explain why the brain is susceptible to age-related diseases [click to view]

May 03, 2018 – Interconnected cells-in-a-dish let researchers study brain disease [click to view]

Apr 16, 2018 – Grafted brain organoids provide insight into neurological disorders [click to view]

Mar 22, 2018 – Early life experiences influence DNA in the adult brain [click to view]

Jan 22, 2018 – Salk Institute augments leadership structure [click to view]

Sep 14, 2017 – Partnership for a healthy brain [click to view]

Jun 06, 2017 – A star is born: lesser-known brain cell takes center stage [click to view]

May 30, 2017 – Brain’s immune cells linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia [click to view]

Mar 20, 2017 – New method predicts who will respond to lithium therapy [click to view]

Sep 09, 2016 – The brain’s stunning genomic diversity revealed [click to view]

Aug 31, 2016 – Johns Hopkins and Salk co-lead $15 million initiative to unravel bipolar disorder and schizophrenia [click to view]

Aug 10, 2016 – Neurodevelopmental model of Williams Syndrome offers insight into human social brain [click to view]

Jul 12, 2016 – Power up: growing neurons undergo major metabolic shift [click to view]

Jul 07, 2016 – New neurons reveal clues about an individual’s autism [click to view]

Jul 06, 2016 – Small molecule keeps new adult neurons from straying, may be tied to schizophrenia [click to view]

May 02, 2016 – Adult brain prunes branched connections of new neurons [click to view]

Apr 26, 2016 – Tamping down neurons’ energy use could treat neurodegeneration [click to view]

Feb 23, 2016 – Salk professor Rusty Gage elected to the National Academy of Sciences Governing Council [click to view]

Feb 10, 2016 – Three Salk scientists make Thomson Reuters’ list of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” [click to view]

Nov 19, 2015 – Salk scientists make serotonin-transmitting neurons in a dish [click to view]

Oct 28, 2015 – Bipolar patients’ brain cells predict response to lithium [click to view]

Oct 22, 2015 – Salk scientists discover protein factories hidden in human jumping genes [click to view]

Oct 08, 2015 – Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells [click to view]

Jul 14, 2015 – Rusty Gage receives Allen Distinguished Investigator Award to reveal biology of Alzheimer’s disease [click to view]

May 12, 2014 – New stem cell research points to early indicators of schizophrenia [click to view]

Apr 21, 2014 – Salk lab turns skin cells into human airway tissue [click to view]

Apr 07, 2014 – Scientists reveal potential link between brain development and breast cancer gene [click to view]

Nov 01, 2013 – Study finds a patchwork of genetic variation in the brain [click to view]

Oct 23, 2013 – Induced pluripotent stem cells reveal differences between humans and great apes [click to view]

Mar 21, 2013 – The neuroscience of finding your lost keys [click to view]

Dec 03, 2012 – Salk scientists develop faster, safer method for producing stem cells [click to view]

Sep 25, 2012 – What can the water monster teach us about tissue regeneration in humans? [click to view]

Jul 16, 2012 – Neurons derived from cord blood cells may represent new therapeutic option [click to view]

Sep 28, 2011 – Salk scientist receives distinguished NIH award for transformative research [click to view]

Jun 20, 2011 – Salk Institute scientist garners international esteem on two continents [click to view]

Apr 13, 2011 – Patients’ own cells yield new insights into the biology of schizophrenia [click to view]

Feb 03, 2011 – Stem cell leader awarded $2.3 million grant for Parkinson’s [click to view]

Nov 17, 2010 – Rett syndrome mobilizes jumping genes in the brain [click to view]

Nov 11, 2010 – Modeling autism in a dish [click to view]

Jul 01, 2010 – Work-life balance: Brain stem cells need their rest, too [click to view]

Apr 27, 2010 – American Philosophical Society inducts Fred H. Gage [click to view]

Oct 22, 2009 – Salk scientist has been elected a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization [click to view]

Jul 09, 2009 – Newborn brain cells show the way [click to view]

Jan 28, 2009 – Newborn brain cells “time-stamp” memories [click to view]

Dec 03, 2008 – A novel human stem cell-based model of ALS opens doors for rapid drug screening [click to view]

Nov 10, 2008 – Newborn neurons in the adult brain can settle in the wrong neighborhood [click to view]

Oct 15, 2008 – Salk Scientist Fred H. Gage to Receive the Keio Medical Science Prize [click to view]

Jul 01, 2008 – Salk researchers reprogram adult stem cells in their natural environment [click to view]

Mar 04, 2008 – UC San Diego and Salk Institute Establish Center to Study the Origin of Humans [click to view]

Jan 30, 2008 – Newborn brain cells modulate learning and memory [click to view]

May 07, 2007 – Newborn neurons like to hang with the in-crowd [click to view]

Aug 16, 2006 – Life and death in the hippocampus: what young neurons need to survive [click to view]

Jun 27, 2006 – Finding a cellular Neverland: How stem cells stay childlike [click to view]

Dec 12, 2005 – Human embryonic stem cells integrate successfully into mouse brain [click to view]

Jun 14, 2005 – “Jumping genes” contribute to the uniqueness of individual brains [click to view]

May 04, 2005 – Salk scientist Rusty Gage elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Awardees also include sculptor, actor and Supreme Court Chief Justice [click to view]

Jan 24, 2005 – Current Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Contaminated With Potentially Dangerous Non-Human Molecule, UCSD/Salk Team Finds [click to view]

Jul 21, 2004 – New Findings Reopen Debate About Adult Stem Cell Plasticity [click to view]

Jan 30, 2004 – Stem Cell Regulator Could Hold Key to Staving Off Age-related Brain Changes [click to view]

Aug 07, 2003 – Gene Therapy Postpones Lou Gehrig’s Disease Symptoms [click to view]

Apr 29, 2003 – Salk Professor Fred H. Gage Elected to National Academy of Sciences [click to view]

Feb 27, 2002 – Salk Scientists Demonstrate For The First Time That Newly Born Brain Cells Are Functional In The Adult Brain [click to view]

May 02, 2001 – Neural Progenitor Cells Recovered From Postmortem And Adult Tissue [click to view]

Nov 08, 1999 – Exercise Makes Mice Smarter, Salk Scientists Demonstrate [click to view]

Feb 22, 1999 – Running boosts number of brain cells, according to new Salk study [click to view]

Nov 11, 1998 – Slow-learning mice can improve learning speed when raised in enriched environment [click to view]

Nov 01, 1998 – Human brains do sprout new cells according to new Salk study [click to view]

Apr 24, 1997 – An enriched environment stimulates an increase in the number of nerve cells in brains of older mice [click to view]